Post-OPEC Part III – But Wait it Gets Worse

By Paul Sankey Published on June 6, 2024 at 9:23 AM

Tonight on Happy Hour – 4pm ET – Johannes (Jan) Stuart serves as global energy strategist at Piper Sandler. A self-described oil-geek, Stuart and his team take a micro-fundamentals approach to energy analysis and forecasting – which frequently lands them away from consensus. Previously, Stuart spent 11 years in sell-side research, building leading energy-macro franchises at Credit Suisse, Macquarie and UBS. He was a journalist for much of the nineties and started his career at …

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OPEC Communique Face Value: “We are heading for $50/bbl by end 2025”

By Paul Sankey Published on June 5, 2024 at 10:25 AM

Very hopeful next week on Happy Hour to have Rob West, who has been absolutely crushing the energy-to-AI theme at his independent research firm Thunder Said Energy. Subject to final confirmation. This week – tomorrow, Thursday June 7th, Jan Stuart is Happy Hour guest, oil market guru. As we digest OPEC+ latest meeting and the lurch lower in oil prices, subsequent to the meeting outlining the plan for returning OPEC+ cuts to the market over …

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