Post-OPEC Part III – But Wait it Gets Worse

By Paul Sankey Published on June 6, 2024 at 9:23 AM

Tonight on Happy Hour – 4pm ET – Johannes (Jan) Stuart serves as global energy strategist at Piper Sandler. A self-described oil-geek, Stuart and his team take a micro-fundamentals approach to energy analysis and forecasting – which frequently lands them away from consensus. Previously, Stuart spent 11 years in sell-side research, building leading energy-macro franchises at Credit Suisse, Macquarie and UBS. He was a journalist for much of the nineties and started his career at …

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Rusty, is it Hamm for Thanksgiving 2014 yet?

By Paul Sankey Published on June 4, 2024 at 9:56 AM

OPEC sets down a can, takes four steps back, runs up, and hoofs it towards 2025. We are looking for a huge summer for oil demand, given in May we had a major Asian heatwave, as part of a pattern whereby, if you think it is hot in Midland, Texas, spare a thought for Dhaka, Bangladesh. But our year-end 2023 video “When does Saudi have to flush the oil market?” garnered the most views of …

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Sunday Kingdoms and Princesses

By Paul Sankey Published on June 2, 2024 at 1:55 PM

Summer Greetings, Mexico and India elections culminate today in one of the busiest democratic years in history – the greatest in terms of number of voters. Incredible positive really. Violence in emerging markets/ Mexico and the limits on Indian growth because of democracy are two mega-themes. People want to live in Fascist States? Former case, we are expecting a major global leader assassination or deposal; we can only speculate on who and what impact in …

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