FTC approves ExxonMobil-Pioneer deal… except that guy: WSJ

By Paul Sankey Published on May 1, 2024 at 6:23 PM

First the shock news… FTC to approve XOM-PXD deal. Then the condition: Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield cannot join ExxonMobil’s board because of anti-competitive collusion with OPEC. All this is as reported by the Wall Street Journal this evening. Knee jerk first thoughts: Very first thought? You have to suppress a wry smile. Imagine the weeping and wailing at ExxonMobil’s “God Pod” management floors at this loss; get the Pioneer acreage, but not Scott Sheffield. Gosh darn …

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Sunday Sparklers, Solar, and Sermons

By Paul Sankey Published on December 24, 2023 at 1:56 PM

Season’s Greetings! The salutations are from a warm central London, 60°F (15°C), but guess what, grey. Scattered showers. Very windy “up North”. In this note, just some graphics for you: Red Sea – Houthis $2,000 fireworks after ships – US whack-a-moles them with $2.1m missiles UK wind generation and power costs – wind 65% of current power supply Migrants – high level comments ~ As we entered the market lull for this very extended seasonal …

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